Cloth Diaper and Menstrual Pad Laundering Instructions:

We like to keep is simple! Cloth diapers are resilient and can be washed just like your regular laundry. Please unsnap all snaps before laundering.

When you first receive your products, they can be used after a single, regular washing cycle. Hemp will continue to gain absorbency as it's washed multiple times.

After removing and solids, all our products should be washed using hot water cycles and regular commercially available detergent. An additional rinse will ensure that detergent (and the bacteria it clings to) is being fully removed. All products can be line, tumble, or heat dried.

We do not recommend natural, homemade or alternative detergents, laundry soap, or soap nuts as these do not typically have enough cleaning power to fully rid diapers of bacteria. Many of these products also leave a film on diapers that make them less absorbent. Additives such as vinegar, baking soda, borax, oxyclean, or any fabric softeners also should not be used on cloth diapers. Avoid using detergents that include any of these additives as well.

For any troubleshooting help, we recommend the Facebook group Cloth Diaper Wash and Care.


Menstrual Cup Cleaning Instructions:

When emptying you cup during your cycle, rinse your cup with plain water or wash with unscented castile soap or unscented baby wash. Your cup may be boiled monthly to sanitize between cycles. Use a deep, clean pot filled with water so the cup will float, and make sure the water is boiling before you add the cup.  Remove the cup after 5-10 minutes.

Avoid using any harsh acids/bases such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, rubbing alcohol as these may cause the silicone to break down. Also avoid any soaps containing oils, moisturizers, or fragrances as these can be extremely irritating for internal use.