We offer huge savings to you when buying in bulk!  Bulk discounts are automatically applied at checkout and include the ability to mix and match prints and colors.  Coupon codes can also be stacked on top of bulk discounts for even more savings.

Quantity Diapers or Trainers Inserts or Menstrual Products: Wetbags Dryer Balls Bamboo Straws
3+ $2 off each item $1 off each item
6+ $2 off each item $1 off each item $1.50 off each item $0.50 off each item
12+ $3 off each item $2 off each item $0.75 off each item
24+ $1.50 off each item $1 off each item

For example: purchasing 12 Hybrid Diaper Covers would have a total bulk savings of $36 or 20% off!


Not sure how many diapers you need?

We recommend families wanting to fully transition to cloth, start with one of the following depending on which diapering system they choose: 

6-12 Hybrid Covers
24-36 Inserts
24-36 All In Ones
18-30 Pocket Diapers
24-36 Inserts

Most people also start with:
24-36 cloth wipes
Cloth diaper safe rash cream
A diaper sprayer
A diaper pail
washable pail liner
1-3 travel wetbags


Not sure which diapering system is best for you?

Diaper Style Hybrid Cover Pocket All In One
Price $14.99
(or $11.99 for tiny)
$19.99 $25.99
(or $19.99 for tiny)
Size 8-35 pounds
(or 4-18 lb for tiny)
8-35 pounds 8-35 pounds
(or 4-18 lb for tiny)
Description An open waterproof shell that can be used with many types of inserts. A waterproof shell enclosed by a pocket of fabric. An insert is added inside the pocket to create the absorbent layer. Waterproof and absorbent layers are all sewn together for everything you need in a simple grab and go option.
Pros The cheapest and most customizable cloth diapering system. Multiple inserts can be added to increase absorbency, and covers can be reused between changes if they aren't soiled. Customizable absorbency and insert types can be used. Pockets are cheaper than All in Ones, but can be assembled ahead of time, so many secondary caretakers can't tell the difference. The easiest diapering system. Sewn in organic bamboo inserts make it ready to go as is.
Cons Components must be assembled before use. Many child care and secondary caretakers aren't a fan of a more complicated system. The shell must be washed ever diaper change and can't be reused like the Hybrid Cover. Pricier than other diapering systems.