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Offering practical solutions to families seeking cost-effective natural products.

As a former cloth diapering mom myself, I understand that diapers can be a significant investment. That’s why I offer a 12 month warranty on all products. With our diapers, you can focus on what works for you without worrying about quality or risk. You can contact me personally with any questions about our products or cloth diapering in general. I love to chat with other parent's about their cloth experience!

-Bailey Duke,


Excellent customer service and high quality products. I could not be happier with the cloth diaper covers that I had ordered. They have all of the features that I look for in a cover, are reasonably priced, and backed with a one year guarantee!

Alanna B

These are some of my favorite diapers. Soft and stretchy, big enough to cover a flat or prefold and an insert, but not bulky. Super cute prints too!

Cassie J

We loved Wink hybrid covers when cloth diapering, and are now big fans of the trainers as my 3 year old still needs a little bit of night protection. we love the prints and that they are so easily adjustable to fit my long and skinny boy.

Regan W

Our favorite diapers hands down! They are SO absorbent and trim! And the customer service is outstanding!!

Kortni B

I saw a print and made a purchase based solely on adorability. The diaper that I received is truly amazing- and yes, I believe amazing is an over-used word so I use sparingly. I have cloth diapered 3 babes and have used virtually every brand and none are like this! So soft. So absorbent. So adjustable. So pretty. Definitely my favorite diaper. If she made panties, I would buy them.

Rebecca E

I love the trim fit of these covers. I ordered two on Black Friday and a free cover was in the package when it arrived. What a great deal! I also like that the option for local pickup is there for when I am in town.

Kelley T

Love our wink diapers. We have 2 so far and I always reach for them first after wash day. I would love to add more to our stash. The quality is really great. We have no stink issues and they fit my baby girl really well. Thanks!!!

Kristi W

These are my favorite diapers! They never leak and they have the cutest prints!

Samantha J

I was sent the wrong print for one of my trainers, and after contacting Wink I was told to go ahead and keep it and they'd send the correct print. Such outstanding customer service! Additionally, the trainers are a wonderful fit for my little one. Thank you, Wink. I'll certainly be a repeat customer.

Katharine S